Cycling ill

Given I spend the majority of my time with one ailment or another if I let this get in the way of training I’d never be out on the bike.  With this in mind I dragged my poorly self out of bed yesterday after sleeping a good 20 hours and nursed my chest infection with some honey tea before climbing on the bike for a quick 15 mile tour around Oxford.


I picked a route that had the least uphill and the most weeeeeeeee going downhill.  I think I learnt a lot dragging myself out of bed and on to the bike and here’s a summary:

– no matter how sniffly and ill I feel, it always seems better zooming down a steep hill
– it’s okay to get lost cycling around the city, all roads eventually lead somewhere
– for a city that prides itself on its cycle routes Oxford has a hell of a lot of pot holes, broken road surfaces and cycle paths that end abruptly

-cycling down flooded tow paths can be fun



I also stopped off at a cycle shop to discuss with them getting my bike adjusted so that it actually fits me better:


I went in to Warlands and I will definitely be going back to get work done on the bike as they were the friendliest most knowledgeable bike shop I have found in Oxford.  Hopefully the adjustments we can make will mean I have a much more comfortable bike for long distance rides.

Hopefully I can go on two long rides next weekend and really get this training started!


Sunday morning cycle before work.

As a result of last weeks very first outdoor ride in Wales, I started today with a 6am gym cycle with the target of reaching 100rpm with the resistance whacked up to create a ‘hill’ training session.
The ride in Wales made me realise that a real road hill is much more challenging than it can seem on a static bike in the gym , when you have the luxury of lowering the resistance when you find it too hard. The brutal truth about the real deal is that if you get tired half way up that steep hill, you’re stuck halfway up that steep hill!

So I had a very rewarding training session , I cycled for an hour keeping my rpm’s between 80-110 and kept increasing my resistance to make it harder work on my legs.

I’ve begun to see an improvement in my uphill stamina and I recover quicker from fast uphill climbs now, which is good! Lots of work to do though, it’ll take longer than an hour to cycle up the Alps!

Megan x