Semi blue skies!

Semi blue skies!

The weird March-time snow has nearly all gone , pavements are clear and there is even a small amount of blue sky peeping through! So today Ryan’s on his way over to Leeds from Wales for an impromptu bike ride.
Which is great news because my training has taken a bit of a side seat over the past couple of weeks due to the snow and having to work early and sacrificing some of my morning gym training sessions.
So it’s time to get back in the saddle (wheyy) …and refocus on the goal..which is only 3 short months away!!
Easter chocolate and excuses no more…it’s all go from here!!
I suppose there was always going to be a lull in my focus at some point, I’m just thankful it was now, when I still have 3 months to recover lost time.

Today : we haven’t specified, but I imagine a 60 (ish) ride around Leeds.

This weekend: Bangor Team Pedal training weekend with Ryan and Jen.

Next Weekend: Isle of Wight Team Pedal training weekend!! (Hopefully in glorious broad sunshine too !! Fingers crossed!)

Motivation, check. New cycle computer, check. slice of sunshine, check. Ryan…. 15 minutes yet.


One thought on “Semi blue skies!

  1. Go girl! Good luck with your training and, most important, stay injury-free leading up to the event itself. I’ll be following the Team Pedal progress with great interest.

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