Day 10 : Verdun – Bayon 82 miles. Day










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A relativley short and sweet post from Megan for now. We finished the day on a snappy 82 miles in roughly 7 hours. Today has been really quite fun in comparison to the previous hard, long days. We had some incredibly fun long sweeping descents on some really smooth roads. Long flat straights and fast downhill runs meant that we had a very good average pace this morning of about 13mph. There were a couple of hills thrown in for good measure, and Jen’s knee has behaved itself today, so all in all a very well deserved good day with positive results. The fast day meant that we got to meet our wonderful support team , Dad and Uncle Chris, at a rough 3/4 point for some quick snacks and suncream replenishment, and then we set off to finish the last 30 miles of the day. We finished the day at roughly 4pm so we’ve had a lovely long afternoon and evening to rest, relax and recuperate in preparation for a VERY big day tomorrow.

So foods prepared, stretching sessions have been carried out and everything is ready for our start tomorrow morning . Hoping to set out at 8am for a 83 mile day that consists of 60 miles of undulating hills over the French countryside, and we will be finishing the day on a very challenging note, by climbing the Route De Ballons / Ballons de Voges. This particular route is 1,000 metres of ascent over a distance of 10km .

Ryan, obviously could eat this for breakfast, Jen is nursing her bad knee but is ever optimistic  and I, Megan, am quite apprehensive, but excited all the same.

Of course, as hard and as challenging as tomorrow may be , it will be peanuts compared to the three alpine passes that are coming our way in the next few days . All in good fun !!! This is what all the high resitance and hill training has been about ! come at me !!

Wish us luck !!! XXX


Megan xx


PS Here are just a few snaps for you to enjoy !! 😀 Sorry theyre not captioned and categorised ,  but im a very tired monkey and need to sleep !






IMG_3664 copy 20130713-214127.jpg 20130713-214138.jpg 20130713-214117.jpgIMG_3666 copy IMG_3668 copy IMG_3669 copy IMG_3673 copy IMG_3678 copy


One thought on “Day 10 : Verdun – Bayon 82 miles. Day

  1. You are all three amazing! Lots of luck for the next few days. Great admiration for your achievements so far. Keep on pedalling (no coasters please Ryan!)

    Huge best wishes and sleep well

    Emma’s Mum x

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