My Fitness & Fear

I would like to think of myself as being moderately fit, but I think perhaps it is more realistic to say moderately prone to not being a couch potato all of the time. The things I have done that I am most proud of are a 5k race in April 2012 (a ‘fun run’ alongside the Anglesey Half Marathon) in a shockingly slow time of 36 minutes! I also spent three soggy days cycling around Scotland in August 2012, covering a total distance of 140km.

After moving to Oxford in September 2012 I found myself enjoying being on the bike more as I cycle 10km every day (to work and back). This increased enjoyment of being on the saddle is part of the reason I agreed to one of Ryan’s crazy cycling plans.

Cycling to Switzerland from North Wales will involve two weeks of constant cycling, something that is far beyond my current level of fitness. This is a challenge not only to my natural inclination for laziness but also to the psychological push to succeed in something that at the outset seems so daunting.

Don’t let the smiling cyclist’s face in the photo above fool you, I know how unfit I am and how much I am going to have to push to be fit enough to start, never mind finish the journey. The distance and the hills are currently terrifying me, which is why I am so determined to do it!


In 2012 my uncle, David Gallagher, passed away after a long argument with lung cancer. I will be fundraising in memory of Uncle Dave, one of the kindest, most generous, and supportive people I have ever been fortunate enough to know. I’m sure he would have had a good laugh at how ridiculous an unfit girl in lycra looked but I know he would have been behind us with 100% support.

The charity I will be raising money for is The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. I have picked them because I am very impressed with the work they do in offering education and support as well as research funding.

You can donate at


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  1. Good Luck Jen Ryan & Megan

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