The Cycle

It’s taken us a long time to work out an exact route to take, but it looks like we’re finally ready to set off and not get lost.


The complete route

The route will take us through the UK, through France, briefly into Germany for five minutes and then into Switzerland.

The UK was quite difficult to route because we needed to avoid major cities (i.e Birmingham/London).  We think we’ve managed to get a nice route:


Four days from Bangor to Dover

Through Shrewsbury and Oxford, down past Reading and through Hastings, we hope the UK will take us four days to reach Dover, and then onwards to France.


Across France and through Switzerland

Our route through France will keep us in the far North and then heading downwards towards the intersection of France/Germany/Switzerland.  By the time we reach Switzerland we only have four days of cycling left, but what a four days they will be.

Big hills ahoy

Big hills ahoy

Grimsel Pass

Grimsel Pass


The view over Grimsel and Furkapass

Gotthard Pass

Gotthard Pass


3 thoughts on “The Cycle

  1. Do you have to cycle up all those hills
    Good luck Megan Jen & Ryan and hope the weather is nice for you as well

  2. Good luck team Pedal. Have a good trip

  3. Bon Voyage. Have a good first day and I’ll see you all on Friday

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